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Acidproofing & Industrial Flooring

Acidproofing & Industrial Flooring
Heavy Duty Toppings

Metz medium/heavy duty toppings range from 2 to 5 mm in thickness and are available in degrees of surface texture to provide a slip resistant finish suitable for most applications. Metz can install these materials with our own experienced labour force which provides our unique Single Point of Responsibility Warrantycontact Metz for a quotation

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Metz 33SL

Metz 33EN-SL

Metz 33EN-Sprayable

Metz 44-SL

Metz 92

Metz 94-SL

Metz 33-SL Metz 33-SL Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 33-SL

Metz 33-SL is a pour and spread epoxy flooring system used to produce a textured, highly slip resistant surface. Normal applied thickness is 4-5 mm.

Typical Uses: Breweries, Dairies, Commercial Kitchens.

Metz 33EN-SL Metz 33EN-SL Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 33EN-SL

Metz 33EN-SL is an epoxy novolac pour and spread flooring formulation exhibiting outstanding resistance to highly corrosive chemicals. It is also resistant to much higher temperatures than most epoxies. Normal applied thickness is 3 mm. Can be applied with a range of surface finishes from smooth to highly slip resistant.

Typical Uses: Battery Rooms, Secondary Containment Areas, Production Zones exposed to Acid.

Metz 33EN-Sprayable 33EN-Sealer datasheet (PDF)
Metz 33EN-Sprayable

Metz 33EN-SPRAYABLE is a 100% solids sprayable epoxy novolac coating based on special resin and hardeners which impact outstanding chemical resistance. Metz 33EN-SPRAYABLE can also be used as a trowellable coating for vertical and overhead surfaces. It can be applied at thicknesses up to 4mm per coat. Metz 33EN-SPRAYABLE cures rapidly even at low ambient temperatures.

Typical Uses: Water treatment & sewerage plant infrastructure, Steel Mills, Secondary containment linings, Oil refineries, Acid plants, Food processing plants, Fertiliser plants, Meat and Poultry plants

Metz 44-SL Metz 44-SL Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 44-SL

Metz 44-SL is a self-levelling epoxy formulation that produces a smooth, glossy finish that is impervious and easy to clean. Slip resistance can be improved by inclusion of a special additive in a clear sealer coat.

Typical Uses: Pharmaceutical plants, Laboratories, Showrooms, Cleanrooms.

Metz 92 Metz 92 Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 92

Metz 92 is a self-levelling, flexible polyurethane flooring system often used to protect medium duty industrial floors – especially where the chance of minor movement exists.

Typical Uses: Metal Production, Chemical Plants, Food & Beverage Plants.

Metz 94-SL Metz 94-SL Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 94-SL

Metz 94-SL is an outstanding smooth-finish, self-levelling polyurethane flooring system, typically used 3mm thick.

Typical Uses: Chemical Plants, Dairies, CIP Rooms, Food Plants

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