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Acid Proofing & Industrial Flooring


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Acid Brick & Tile Systems

Acid bricks and tiles differ from typical commercial bricks and tiles in several ways but the most significant physical differences are in the low absorption rates and variety of physical shapes available.


Low absorption rates are essential to ensure dangerous chemicals do not penetrate the ceramic lining systems. Acid bricks are available in a multitude of special shapes to ensure complex and sometimes very large shapes can be lined in a manner maximising chemical and abrasion resistance.

Acid tiles are commonly much thicker then conventional tiles. Typical acid tiles are 20 – 25 mm thick whereas most commercial floor tiles are 5 – 8 mm thick only. This additional thickness contributes to high strength, highly chemical resistant ceramic lining capability.

Metz manufactures a range of corrosion resistant fixing materials to complement these acid resistant ceramics. This means a complete acid proof lining system from a single source is possible for our clients.

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