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Metz 4HB-EN

Metz 18A

Metz 20M

Metz 22

Metz Sauereisen 89

Metz 95M

Metz 96

Metz Hypalon

Metz VitonĀ® Coating

Metz 4HB-EN Metz 4HB-EN Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 4HB-EN

Metz 4HB-EN is an epoxy novolac formulated coating which exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals. Used as a coating in aggressive chemical areas where there is no heavy impact or abrasion, it can also be used as a membrane beneath acid resistant Metz systems when a fabric reinforcing is incorporated.

Typical Uses: Secondary Containment, Mineral Processing, Water Treatment.

Metz 18A Metz 18A Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 18A

Metz 18A is a rubberised bituminous liquid used with fabric reinforcing as a flexible, crack bridging waterproof layer beneath a wide variety of Metz tile system installations.

Typical Uses: “Green” Concrete, Kitchens, Food Areas

Metz 20M Metz 20M Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 20M

Metz 20M is a 2 part roller or spray applied polyurethane chemical resistant membrane or coating.

Typical Uses: Process Floors, Trenches, Pit, Bunded Areas, Swimming Pools.

Metz 22 Metz 22 Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 22

Metz 22 is a one part, highly flexible polyurethane waterproof membrane used as an underlay beneath Metz ceramic tiling.

Typical Uses: Swimming Pools, Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Mezzanines.

Metz Sauereisen 89 Metz Sauereisen 89 Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz Sauereisen 89

Metz Sauereisen 89 is an asphaltic mastic used as a high temperature, flexible, acid resistant membrane beneath either acid brick and tile or acid resistant monolithic systems.

Typical Uses: Chimneys, Flue Gas Ducts.

Metz 95M Metz 95M Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 95M

Metz 95M is a 2 part polyurethane chemical resistant membrane or lining system where some flexibility is required.

Typical Uses: Tanks, Pits, Secondary Containment Areas.

Metz 96 Metz 96 Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz 96

Metz 96 is a urethane-asphalt compound used as a membrane under ceramic linings, a membrane and adhesive for foam glass systems and also as a standalone coating. Metz 96 has excellent elasticity, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

Typical Uses: Chemical and petrochemical industry, waste water treatments plants, flue glass environments, chimneys and sulphur pits

Metz Hypalon Metz Hypalon Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz Hypalon

Metz Hypalon is a sheet membrane used beneath Metz acid brick and tile systems.

Typical Uses: Secondary Containment, Tank and Vessel Linings.

Metz Viton Coating Metz Viton Coating Data Sheet (PDF)
Metz Viton Coating

Metz Viton Coating is a fluoropolymer based coating for areas subject to splash and spillage of the most aggressive chemicals. It is also used as a membrane material under Metz Acid Brick and Tile systems where concentrated chemicals exist.

Typical Uses: Chemical Plants, Concentrated Acid Areas.

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