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Workskills National Competition
Wall and Floor Tiling Sydney 11th - 13th July 2008

Congratulations to the nine competitors in the Wall and Floor competition held at Darling Harbour and especially to third-year Metz apprentice tiler Pete Steinweiss from Sydney who won the competition and is now off to Canada, representing Australia in September 2009. The competition was run over 3 days with a total of 18 hours to complete a very challenging task. The project was available almost 3 months prior to the competition giving them the opportunity to do as much training as time allowed.

Peter Steinweiss, Metz Apprentice - Gold Medalist

Two of the finalists had a bad start with one turning up to the 2 hour familiarisation session held the day before in his team suit as Qantas had lost his bag. The other lost his levels and straight-edges in transit. When competition started the bag had turned up and extra levels and straightedges found so besides the extra nerves everything was on track. The South Australian competitor was a little disadvantaged as he came 3rd in the Regional competition and had little notification of the first 2 declining to attend.

The competition started on Friday and even though they all had the same project most of them had a different strategy on how to set out the task. Some cut out both walls first then fixed them, others cut one wall and fixed that first and a couple started with the floor. At the end of day 2 it was obvious who had put the time in to practise with some having completed the project 2 or 3 times before the competition. At the start of day 3 all the judges agreed that only 1 or 2 might finish but the adrenalin kicked in and they really moved into top gear with the majority completing in the time. At the debriefing there was only a couple that thought they could have done better with them all being grateful for the experience and opportunity to demonstrate their skills at such a great venue.

Ben Mc Givens family (shown right) were very proud as his father and grandfather were both Tilers.

It took 5 hours for four judges to mark using an 11 page detailed marking scale. The results were announced at the presentation ceremony held at the State theatre on Monday night with the 3 place winners being:

  • Peter Steinweiss - Gold medal 90.67 Sydney
  • Brendan Jaeschke - Silver 86.97 Western Aust.
  • Ben Mc Given - Bronze 84.76 Sydney West

Congratulation to these 3 young medal winners as their hand skills were outstanding. Both Peter and Ben attend Macquarie Fields College. Peter now represents Australia at the International competition to be held in Canada in September 2009. Peter is looking for sponsors to cover his costs for training and competing in Canada, if you would like to be a sponsor could you please ring me on 02 98290253

I would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, judges and especially the competitors for a job well done. — Ron BarrettChief Judge

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