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Ammonium Nitrate Tank Support Repairs
Case Study-Newcastle, NSW

Metz 10EN

Metz 33EN-VG

Metz Hypalon

An old tank support for an Ammonium Nitrate tank was badly corroded. Ammonium Nitrate is incredibly aggressive against Portland cement concrete as can be seen in the photo.

Remediation involved recasting the support structure with Metz 10EN epoxy novolac concrete with smoothing render layers where required of Metz 33EN-VG epoxy novolac, a 100% solids material which can be applied to vertical surfaces up to 8mm thick.


After repair to the supporting structure the tank base was refilled with sand and a Metz Hypalon welded membrane was installed to provide an impervious barrier resistant to Ammonium Nitrate solution under the tank.

This innovative solution achieved by Metz was only possible due to our broad range of acid proofing materials manufactured in our Melbourne facility as well as the significant acid proofing experience of Metz’s personnel.

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