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Sulphuric Acid Pit Reline
Case Study-Newcastle, NSW

A badly corroded sulphuric acid secondary containment area and pit area needed to be made “acid tight” by Metz. The existing thin coating system had failed due to a combination of inability to resist the combined temperature spikes and chemical attack involved with containing spent sulphuric acid.

The base of the pit required considerable repair and then regrading after high pressure waterblasting removed any unsound concrete. Metz 10EN epoxy novolac concrete was used to repair areas >15mm thick, Metz 33EN-TG (floors) and Metz 33EN-VG (walls) were used for lower thicknesses. Metz Viton® Membrane was then installed under the critical brick section.


Metz Acid Bricks, Viton® Membrane and 7K Potassium Silicate mortar are all suitable for long terms immersion in sulphuric acid.

Areas above the acid proof bricks were rendered with Metz 33EN-VG epoxy novolac.

The ultimate solution utilised an additional layer of safety in the area where dosing with dilute caustic soda would occur.


Substrate Repair:

Metz 10EN

Metz 33EN-TG

Metz 33EN-VG

Brick Layer:

Metz Viton® Membrane

Metz 7K

Metz Acid Brick

Wall Coatings:

Metz 33EN-VG

Metz 5EN-Glass Flake

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