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Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Pump Bund
Case Study-South Australia

This client required installation of a new acid pump bund inside a much larger concentrated sulphuric acid bund. The protective system had to not only resist the acid but also cope with the thermal shock that occurs when concentrated acid dilutes.

A heavy duty industrial tiling system was chosen comprising flexible membrane layer, acid resistant mortar and movement joints..

In this case local installer and Metz Distributor High Impact Solutions completed the installation using the following process in conjunction with an experienced Metz Supervisor.

Preparation was by diamond grinding. The membrane installation is shown here and comprised primer plus two coats of Metz 20M polyurethane membrane.


Tiling was undertaken using Metz Acid Tile 25mm thick bedded and jointed with Metz 6NF, an epoxy novolac formulation designed to bed and joint heavy duty, acid resistant tiles in the most demanding chemical conditions.

Finally to complete the installation Metz Viton® Caulk was used to fill the tile systems expansion joints.

Working throughout in acid resistant suits, working with face shields to ensure the safety of all workers congratulations must go to High Impact Solutions for this successful installation.


Metz 20M

Metz 6NF

Metz Acid Tiles

Metz Viton® Caulk


October 2012


High Impact Solutions

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