Metz - the smarter choice for

Metz - the smarter choice for

<strong>Acid Protection & Corrosion Resistance</strong>

Acid Protection & Corrosion Resistance

A complete range of acid protection solutions are offered including acid bricks, tiles and a wide variety of coatings to resist the broadcast range of aggressive chemicals.

<strong>Industrial Flooring</strong>

Industrial Flooring

Choose from a wide range of solutions to meet your flooring requirements.

<strong>Commercial Kitchen Flooring</strong>

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

A large selection of ceramic tiles and coating systems.

<strong>Concrete Remediation and Protection</strong>

Concrete Remediation and Protection

Metz can provide a full concrete remediation service.

<strong>Food & Beverage Areas</strong>

Food & Beverage Areas

A premium selection of tiles or coatings offered to suit your particular application.

<strong>Aquatic Centre Tiles and Lining Systems</strong>

Aquatic Centre Tiles and Lining Systems

Metz can offer a series of aquatic facility linings for pools, concourses and plant rooms.

<strong>Other Industries</strong>

Other Industries

Metz can provide multiple solutions to high corrosion industries which are unique to their requirement.

<strong>Architectural Ceramic Tiles</strong>

Architectural Ceramic Tiles

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  • Quality Certificate

    Quality Certificate

    Metz is certified to meet the requirement of AS-ISO9001:2015 download

  • Australian Corrosion Association

    Australian Corrosion Association

    Metz are members of the Australian Corrosion Association