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Metz’ heavy industrial clients require products to resist combinations of strong chemical and physical attack. Food & Beverage or Industrial plants have slip resistance and hygiene standards to maintain, yet particularly in CIP areas, pits and trenches they also require corrosion resistant products.  Swimming pools, commercial kitchens, workshops etc all have particular material requirements. Metz’ range of products for all these situations is outlined below.

Architectural Ceramic Tiles

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Selecting the correct membrane for your next project is paramount to the success and longevity of your chosen Metz system. Metz have developed several membrane and tile combinations which when installed as a system will provide you with a long term result. There are also membranes which can be used under coatings to provide a complete solution.

Adhesives, Grouts, Mortars

Metz manufacture a range of acid proof materials to resist the strongest chemicals in extremely demanding physical environments. Materials can be used as protective toppings, grout and mortars, or as concretes that require no further protective layers after placement. We also manufacture specialty adhesive and grouts for commercial kitchens, aquatic centres and various commercial and industrial applications.

Movement Joints

Metz specially formulated single and dual component movement joints are designed to be used in industrial plants, commercial kitchens and swimming pools where both toughness, moisture and chemical resistance are required. Movement joints are available that will also protect edges of adjacent tiles or topping against damage by heavy wheeled traffic, or will resist concentrated chemical exposures.



Coatings & Linings - Epoxies

Metz has modified epoxy and epoxy novolac coatings based on our special resin and hardeners which impart outstanding chemical resistance which can be roller applied, spayed or trowelled for vertical and overhead surfaces. It can be applied at thicknesses up to 4mm. They can cure rapidly even at low ambient temperatures, thus minimising downtime.

Coatings & Linings - Vinyl Ester

Metz novolac vinyl ester provides fast curing, high chemical and temperature resistance. Vinyl Esters are especailly useful against exposure to nitric acid.

Coatings & Linings - Other

Metz provides advanced and specialised coating systems including fluoroelastomer and polyurethane coatings.  These specialty coatings can be rolled or spray applied providing a range of chemical resistance suitable for laboratories, fertiliser plants, petrochemical plants & acid manufacturing plants.

Toppings & Renders - Epoxies

Metz acid resistant toppings and renders are heavier-duty systems and are normally 2–8mm in thickness. Toppings and renders are more suitable than thinner coatings for repair of acid attacked concrete when there is the need to fill areas removed by highly corrosive chemicals. These materials can be either poured, sprayed or trowelled into place.

Toppings & Renders - Polyurethanes

Metz selection of high chemical & industrial acid resistant polyurethane toppings and renders provide a tough, high chemical resistant solution.

Those polyurethane toppings and renders are heavier-duty systems and are normally 4–8mm in thickness. Metz 94-TZ is an aesthetically pleasing resinous terrazzo material.

Toppings & Renders – Vinyl Ester

Metz high chemical & industrial acid resistant Vinyl Ester toppings and renders provide a heavy duty, high chemical resistant solution.  Metz Vinyl Ester provide fast curing, and are normally applied 4–8 mm thick. Toppings and renders are more suitable than thinner coatings for repair of acid attacked concrete when there is the need to fill areas removed by highly corrosive chemicals.

Specialty Concretes

Metz manufacture a range of specialty concretes to resist the strongest acids and chemicals in demanding physical environments. Metz’ range of concretes include materials based upon potassium silicate, epoxy, epoxy novolac or vinyl ester. They can be used in chemical plants, oil refineries and fertiliser plants etc.

Toppings & Renders – Cementitious

Metz cementitious toppings and renders provide materials that can be used to render walls, screed floors, or abrasion resistant flooring materials utilising Korodur hard aggregates from Germany.

Bricks & Tiles

Acid bricks and tiles differ from typical commercial bricks and tiles in several ways but the most significant physical differences are in the low absorption rates and variety of physical shapes available. Acid tiles are commonly much thicker than conventional tiles. Typical acid tiles are 20–25mm thick, whereas most commercial floor tiles are only 5–8mm thick. This additional thickness contributes to high strength and a highly chemical resistant ceramic lining capability.



Metz extended range of specialty complementary products include anti-slip additives, machinery grouts, thickening fibres, acid resistant watersop, cleaning solvents etc. All necessary to complete our solutions offering for clients.

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We also offer installation services

Metz’ ability to combine manufacturing, supply and installation of such a wide range of materials is unique in Australia. We would welcome your enquiry.