Metz range of miscellaneous products and systems provide a complete and improved performance offer to acid resistant solutions.

Metz extended range of specialty complementary products include anti-slip additives, machinery grouts, thickening fibres, acid resistant watersop, cleaning

solvents etc. All necessary to complete our solutions offering for clients.

Metz solutions and systems listed below

Typical Uses: Anchors, Chemical plants, Column bases, Industrial Facilities, Machinery Base Plates.

Typical Uses: Acid plants, Acid Unloading Areas, Chemical plants, Fertiliser plants, Oil Refineries, Secondary Containment Areas.

Typical Uses: Breweries & Soft Drink plants, Commercial Kitchens, Confectionery plants, Dairy and Milk Products processing, Entry ramps, Food Processing plants, Poultry & Meat plants, Warehouses & Storerooms, Workshops.

Typical Uses: Breweries & Soft Drink plants, Confectionery plants, Dairy & Milk Products processing, Food Processing plants, Poultry & Meat plants.

Typical Uses: An effecting thickening agent to improve anti sagging properties in many Metz materials.

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Overseas Distributors

For more than 20 years Metz has operated in Asia and the South Pacific. Metz now has distributors in many Asian countries as well as in the Middle East.