Carbon Strengthening Systems

Carbon Strengthening Systems

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Metz specialised carbon fibre strengthening systems provides an engineered solution to reinforce new and old structures including concrete slabs and beams, bridge decks or post fitting to slab openings.

Utilising Metz unique resins and carbon solutions will assist to rebuild and counter the effects of extreme chemical attack on concrete, steel or timber structures.

Typical Metz solutions and systems include

Metz supplies a range of carbon reinforcing fabric or laminate strips as part of the concrete remediation process to reinstate, or enhance the structural capacity of the concrete element. Compatible protective coatings can then finish the repair to provide long term corrosion protection.

Metz is often asked to help remediate damaged concrete or steel structures in shut-down situations where a quick return to service is essential. Sometimes it is insufficient time to enable subsequent protective coating installations, so a range of corrosion resistant resins, grouts, renders, toppings and concretes are essential to solve client’s concrete remediation requirements.



Metz C200 is a two-component, solvent free epoxy formulated to adhere Metz Carbon Laminate strips to concrete substrate.

Typical Uses: Strengthening beams, Slabs, Columns.



Metz C100 is a thixotropic two-component, solvent-free epoxy with enchanced properties specifically designed for use with Metz Carbon Fabric Wrapping ...

Typical Uses: Beams, Bridge Decks, Timber Structures, Steel Structures, Columns.

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Overseas Distributors

For more than 20 years Metz has operated in Asia and the South Pacific. Metz now has distributors in many Asian countries as well as in the Middle East.