Metz provide a variety of membranes from acid resistant to highly flexible waterproof membranes to complement the range of Metz tile and lining systems.


Selecting the correct membrane for your next project is paramount to the success and longevity of your chosen Metz system. Metz have developed several membrane and tile combinations which when

installed as a system will provide you with a long term result. There are also membranes which can be used under coatings to provide a complete solution.

Select from the below Metz membrane systems

Typical Uses: Acid plants, CIP Rooms, Fertiliser plants, Food and Beverage facilities, Food Processing plants, Oil Refineries, Poultry and Meat Processing plants, Secondary Containment Areas, Steel Mills, Waste Water Treatment plants.

Typical Uses: Acid plants, CIP Rooms in Food & Beverage plants, Fertiliser plants, Oil Refineries, Paper & Pulp Mills, Solvent Extraction Processes, Steel Mills.

Typical Uses: Balconies, Bathrooms, Commercial Kitchens, Food and Beverage facilities, Swimming Pools, Wet Areas.

Typical Uses: Chemical plants, Food and Beverage facilities, Petrochemical Industry, Pits, Secondary Containment Areas, Tanks, Waste Acid Collection Sumps.

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We also offer installation services

Metz’ ability to combine manufacturing, supply and installation of such a wide range of materials is unique in Australia. We would welcome your enquiry.