Metz Products Used

Metz 10 epoxy concrete screed
Metz 33EN-TG epoxy novolac
Metz 8 movement joints

  • DATE
    March, 2018
  • Location
    South Australia, Australia
  • Installer
    High Impact Solutions

Project Summary

The client asked Metz’s South Australian Distributor, High Impact Solutions to specify, supply and install a suitable product to resist the combination of chemical and physical attack from an acidic, abrasive slurry. The movement of the large heavily laden truck tyres had caused severe damage which was affecting the safe operation of the batch plant.

Preparation was by robotic ultra high pressure hydro demolition, leaving the tyre pathway concrete clean and approximately 75mm deep.

Metz 10 epoxy concrete was then screeded into the two prepared wheel tracks and left 6mm from the required finished level.

Metz 33EN epoxy novolac with a special hard wearing, abrasion resistant aggregate Korodur® 0/4 was trowelled over the Metz 10. The resulting product utilised the exceptional corrosion resistance of Metz 33EN series, with the added abrasion resistance of the special Korodur® hard aggregate.

Metz 8 acid resistant silicone was then installed into saw cut movement joints as required. The work was undertaken during a very short shut down and was put back into service approx. 12 hours after completion.

TDS of materials used



Metz 10 Epoxy Concrete is an epoxy based polymer concrete. It is used to replace severely attacked concrete or can ...

Typical Uses: Aluminium Production plants , Chemical plants , Food Processing plants , Petrochemical plants , Steel plants.



Metz 33EN-TG Epoxy Novolac is a 100% solids trowel applied monolithic topping, with outstanding chemical resistance, especially against concentrated inorganic ...

Typical Uses: Acid plants , CIP Rooms in Food & Beverage plants , Food Processing plants , Oil Refineries , Poultry & Meat plants , Secondary Containment linings , Steel Mills , Water Treatment & Sewerage Plant Infrastructure.



Metz 8 is a one part specially formulated high grade silicone sealant, which is suitable for use as a movement ...

Typical Uses: Chemical plants , Fertiliser plants , Oil Refineries , Secondary Containment Areas.