Metz Products Used

Metz 20B movement joints
Metz 17 bedding
Metz 19 grout
Metz Argelith 15mm Hexagonal Beige R11
Metz Argelith 198x98x15mm Beige R11 border tiles
Metz Argelith Beige cove tiles

  • DATE
    February 2020
  • Location
  • Installer
    Local company supervised by experienced Metz Australian Supervisors

Project Summary

We were invited to specify and quote on four new bottling lines. This quotation was approved and P.O.s issued on the basis that Metz would provide initial supervision.

Our system is different to that of our competitors as we specify the tiles to be laid on 2mm of Metz 19V epoxy directly onto concrete accurately poured to levels and falls by others. Grouting is also done using Metz 19V grouting epoxy applied and finished using a special polishing machine. Movement joints are installed at the perimeter of all bays, drains, upstands and walls.

Metz 19V has been superseded with more superior products refer to Metz 17 & Metz 19

TDS of materials used



Metz 17 is an epoxy adhesive used for bonding ceramic tiles in swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms and food plants.

Typical Uses: Bathrooms , Breweries , Commercial Kitchens , Dairy Product Processing , Food Processing plants , Soft Drink & Fruit Juice manufacturing , Swimming Pools.



Metz 20B is a specially formulated polyurethane movement joint designed to be used in industrial plants and commercial kitchens where ...

Typical Uses: Chemical plants , Commercial Kitchens , Food and Beverage facilities , Industrial & Heavy Engineering plants , Pharmaceutical plants , Power Stations.